Saturday, August 19, 2006

Friday, August 18, 2006

Election watch

Well, I am still in Uganda. Now, I was supposed to have been travelling on a boat up some river in the Democratic Republic of Congo, on way to a bonobo research site to start the second part of my pilot research season.

Things got postponed a bit, though. The DRC is having its first (democratic) elections since time-keeping began and generally speaking, things are a bit unsecure. Hence our trip to the 'heart of Africa' is now on hold, awaiting to see how the situation in that country turns out to be when this Sunday the results from the first round of the polling are announced. Fingers crossed, if all is more or less well, or at least is not blatantly wrong, in a few weeks I will be leaving Uganda and flying to Kinshasa.

It's such a pity that a fascinating species like the bonobo goes with a country as disturbed as the DRC....

Leaving you with the latest BBC news from the Congo,